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Welcome to Lavaca County Elections

Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Closed 12 Noon - 1 PM)
Lavaca County Courthouse Annex located at 412 N. Texana

Important dates:

July 31- August 3 2022- 40th Annual Election Law Seminar- Renaissance Austin Hotel

September 20, 2022- National Voter Registration Day

October 24th- November 4th, 2022 - Early Voting
November 8th, 2022 -General Election day

Amy Kloesel, Elections Administrator, Lavaca County

412 N. Texana
P.O. Box 727
Hallettsville, TX 77964
(361) 798-3594 phone
(361) 798-4016 fax


The Elections Administrator is responsible for all federal, state, and county elections. In addition, cities, school districts, and political subdivisions can contract with the office to conduct their election.  
The Elections Administrator also serves as the County Voter Registrar, the Early Voting Clerk, and is responsible for all voting equipment owned by Lavaca County.  
The Elections Administrator also serves to accept filings of Campaign Finance, Appointments of Campaign Treasurers, and other filings related to campaign finance.
Voter's Registration Cards/Certificates are valid for two (2) years beginning January 01, 2020 through December 31, 2021. Replacement or changed cards can be obtained through the Texas Voter Registration Application or through your local elections office. 

  • House Bill 25, passed during the 85th Legislative Session, eliminated straight party voting effective September 1, 2020 (Section 64.004, Texas Election Code). If you wish to vote for all of the candidates affiliated with one party, you should select each candidate one at a time on your ballot.

    “El Proyecto de Ley 25 de la Cámara de Representantes, aprobado durante la 85a Sesión Legislativa, eliminó la votación de partido único a partir del 1 de septiembre de 2020 (Sección 64.004, Código Electoral de Texas). Si desea votar por todos los candidatos afiliados a un partido, debe seleccionar a cada candidato uno a la vez en su boleta.”

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