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Michael A. Furrh
EMS Director

PO Box 147
Hallettsville, TX 77964
Phone: 361-798-4533
Fax: 361-798-4763

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  • The Lavaca County Rescue Service (LCRS) is a non-profit licensed EMS provider established July 1, 1973 and has provided coverage to this rural area with partial pay personnel since its foundation. LCRS's top priority is for providing emergency prehospital care for the citizens of Hallettsville (pop. 2,593), Moulton (890) and Shiner (2,107) and those who live in the rural areas of the county. The total population of our service area is 20,824, according to The Texas County Directory Manual. We are responsible for providing coverage for a majority of this 975 square mile county, as well as having mutual aid agreements with Fayette, Colorado, Jackson, DeWitt, and Gonzales counties. We also provide emergency and non-emergency interfacility transports for the counties two (2) hospitals. These transports are being made to areas such as: Victoria (50 miles), Austin (90 miles), Houston (110 miles), and San Antonio (110 miles). We also provide transports for our four (4) area nursing homes and do stand by at sporting events such as high school football games and rodeos. 

    The Lavaca County Rescue Service (LCRS) responded to 1,898 calls in 2014.  We responded to 697 calls within the city limits, 554 calls in the county and 647 out-of-county transports. Our most remote area of the county in emergencies takes a minimum of 45 minutes to arrive on the scene.  We have one (1) ECA, fifteen (15) EMT's, four (4) EMT-Is, five (5) paramedics, and one (1) licensed paramedic.

    The Commissioners' Court governs LCRS, but the survival of this organization is due to the collection of bills, donations and grants. We do not receive monitary support from our county at all. There are no property or sales tax support made by the citizens of Lavaca County.