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Along with the mandatory Development Permit (Floodplain Permit), anyone needing to construct or replace an OSSF (On-Site Sewage Facility) will also need to have a permit on file with this office.  In Lavaca County all parcels of property needing an OSSF will need to obtain a permit to install, replace or repair the on-site sewage facility.  No homeowner is allowed to install or maintain their On-Site Sewage Facility or maintain it after installation if the system requires it.  All septic permits must be applied for through a TCEQ licensed professional OSSF installer of your choice.  The choice of system is based on the soil evaluation that will be conducted on the proposed location where the system will be installed.  Lavaca County does have an Ordinance on file regarding On-Site Sewage Facility Regulations and Lavaca County understanding the technical criteria, legal requirements, and administrative procedures and duties associated with regulating all OSSF’s, accepts the responsibility of enforcing any and all Texas Health & Safety Codes, Texas Water Codes and Texas Administrative Codes relating to the On-Site Sewage Facility Regulations.


Neiland Dean
Designated Representative (DR)
Phone: (361)772-4296
Email: ndean@co.lavaca.tx.us 

Please submit all paperwork and payment to Nailene Ruppert and/or Neiland Dean, Designated Representative, by appointment only at the Lavaca County Courthouse.

Click here for OSSF Application

Click here for Soil & Site Evaluation Form

Click here for Floodplain Application 

Click here for Affidavit - Certification of OSSF Requiring Maintenance

Click here for Affidavit regarding tracts  

The Designated Representative will approve or deny an application within 30 days of receiving the application.  The DR will send an Approval to Construct via email or fax.  NO CONSTRUCTION of the OSSF will be allowed to begin until the ATC has been received.  

Scheduling for inspections:

To schedule an inspection please contact Neiland Dean. (361) 772-4296


  • The Lavaca County OSSF Department welcome your feedback, questions, and comments. To communicate with any member of the Permitting Department, you may find the contact information below, or for an online inquiry please email, Permitting Department

    Gary Etzler
    Office: (361) 798-5310
    Physical Address: 109 N. LaGrange Street
    Hallettsville, TX 77964

    Nailene Ruppert
    Office: (361) 798-2301
    Office:(361) 798-5310
    Physical Address:109 N. LaGrange Street
    Hallettsville, TX 77964
    Email: Nailener@co.lavaca.tx.us 

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