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Subdivision Regulations: 

Please submit any inquiries to Nailene Ruppert.

The Subdivision Application must be completed with the Property Plat survey, and all fees must be paid before further review. The owner of a tract of land located outside the corporate limits of a municipality that divides the tract  in any manner that creates 2 or more lots or tracts must have a plat of the subdivision prepared, unless the proposed is exempt by state law, or by an act of the Commissioners Court in response to a request for a discretionary exemption. You MUST submit an application with the proposed surveyed plat showing your exact plans even if you think you are exempt from the regulations, Lavaca County will be the one to determine if you are exempt. If your application meets the exemption requirements, Lavaca County will discuss and/or approve your application in Commissioners Court and issue a Certificate of Exemption. NO lots or tracts may be sold until approved by Lavaca County. 

109 N LaGrange St. Hallettsville, TX 77964
P.O. Box 243.
Office: (361) 798-5310
Email: nailener@co.lavaca.tx.us

Development Fees
Plat without designated floodplain: $2000.00 + $10.00 per Lot
Plat in a designated floodplain: $2500.00 + $10.00 per lot
Final Plat: $250.00

Approval of a plat by the Commissioners Court shall not be deemed to suggest that Lavaca County will eventually accept subdivision streets for public maintenance. Street maintenance shall be the responsibility of the owner/developer/ or a Home Owner Association. 

Subdivision Application

Adopted Regulations



A Development permit MUST be completed and returned with the appropriate fee before the start of any constructionPlease see our Floodplain Management page for more information.


Residential/Commercial: $20.00

Pipelines: $20.00 application fee + $100.00 permit fee for each flood zone crossed • Well/Platform Locations:  $20.00 application fee per well or rig.

Development/floodplain determination application

County Road Permits & Oil and Gas Permits:

Submit any permits to Nailene Ruppert.
109 N LaGrange St. Hallettsville, TX 77964
P.O. Box 243.
Office: (361) 798-5310
Email: nailener@co.lavaca.tx.us

Pipeline Permit

Special Road Use Agreement

Driveway (Culvert) Permit

Oil and Gas Flood Plain Determination well/platform placement